The power of thinking: sacrifice

"I am going to do what's required, even if my heart is somewhere else, for the payoff of my sacrifices would come soon."


The power of thinking: responsive

"I'll take care of a problem by responding quickly than it is to wait and see what will happen next if I leave things alone."


Don't get scared of.......Love

Get Real

Get Real is a realistic film depicting a story not necessarily with a happy ending but still leaves you emphatic with the main character. So realistic that it's not afraid to show what's really going on in the life of a gay teenager.

The movie is starred by Ben Silverstone

who pulled the right mixture of pride and confusion as he plays Steven Carter. While the role of John Dixon, who is a confused soul in a confused world, was portrayed by Brad Gorton.

This is a charming and uplifting movie about first love and infatuation.


The power of thinking: relax and chill out

"It's not the end of the world. I can't force myself to mix things up if I just don't feel like it. Cut myself some slack and don't try to be perfect. No one expects it of me, so why would I expect it of myself?"


The power of thinking: morale

"I am looking for ways to accept myself and tries not to be hard on anybody."