When cynicism and bigotry backfires

Sometimes it's really hard to comprehend people, the things they do and think differ in so many ways, it never fails to boggle your mind. Such as these so-called fundamentalist who have gotten what they deserve, if you want to know more about what I am trying to arrive at, read this:

(1) Church ordered to pay $10.9 million for funeral protest by

(2) Jury awards father $11M in funeral case by

Their sick and twisted notion that the people dying in Iraq war is a punishment for the America's tolerance of homosexuality is just outright ridiculous. Reasoning that what they were doing is to spreadout this message(yeah right!), but they have ignored the inflicted emotional distress to the bereaving families. They routinely picket funerals of military personnel carrying placards like in the pictures below:

But the Maryland lawsuit filed by Albert Snyder of York, PA believed to be the very first filed by the family of a fallen serviceman won the rulings and his attorney Craig Trebilcock had urged the jurors to determine the amount of $10.9 M to send the message that no one should bring circus of hate to Maryland. The awarded amount far exceeds the net worth of the defendants as per financial statements filed with the court. Serves them good hmmmmph!

Forbid me to love you Jim !


Jim Verraros is an outgoing, personable and sweet American singer and best known for being the first openly gay contestant who made it on the top 10 finalist in the first season of American Idol.

During his junior high he had endured endless harassment for being a "faggot" mainly because he got a voice that wasn't low compared to the other guys. And also that's because he loved doing the choir and the theater acting.

Now as established entertainer besides acting, he starred in the gay-themed comedy Eating Out and its sequel, he wants to incorporate gay activism into his career as well. Well said Jim, now how can you forbid me not to love you?


You're making me crazy, baby
I can't figure you out buy maybe
make up your mind; tell me what you wanna do
I wanna groove and move right next to you
Close your eyes as my hands are on your hips
Hips, lips, fingertips - let it rip
Give it to me; give me your love
You like it soft, but let me show you rough
We're getting closer - can you feel it?
Can you handle it, can you take this?
It's getting hotter, getting hard to breathe
What you got, i want and i need

Forbidden love
Such a dangerous game (do you want to play)
Forbidden love
Buy you know i got to play (in every single way)
Forbidden love
We can dance the night away
Forbidden love, forbidden love

Come on, baby, let your body go
I wanna take you down right to the floor
Bodies shaking, love that move you're making
You're breaking me, you've taken me
I can feel your eyes weighing me down
Turn around 'cause you don't make a sound
Follow me, just take my hand
Don't try, i'm gonna make you understand
Holding you closer, holding you tighter
It's getting hotter - let's make a fire
Your body's burning love,
let's turn the music up
I got a thirst and i can't get enough

Forbidden love
Such a dangerous game (do you want to play)
Forbidden love
Buy you know i got to play (in every single way)
Forbidden love
We can dance the night away
Forbidden love, forbidden love

Necesito muy bien
No estas enloqueciendo, yeah
Te necesito, dame lo, dame lo
Quiero sentir tu cuerpo, yeah
Come on baby, let your body go
I want to take you down right to the floor
Bodies shaking, love that move your making
You're breaking me; you've taken me

Forbidden love
Such a dangerous game (do you want to play)
Forbidden love
Buy you know i got to play (in every single way)
Forbidden love
We can dance the night away
Forbidden love, forbidden love


Again, no official vid for this one this one is just an overlay of a TV program


The power of thinking: leadership and responsibility

" I will step up and assume my leadership role in my world today, although this won't likely come without its challenges. There are many things to do, but ultimately, I just want everybody to be as happy as possible. I will remember that every individual is fully responsible for his or her own happiness, and will allow them to work out their issues without my intervention."


Gay-ishly spooky Halloween to you!

It's that time again of the year when everybody can just frock themselves without any qualms of being stereotyped. Goulish creatures are being celebrated with so much party that they can be double-dead afterwards due to exhaustion and too much booze. Kids forget their worries about tooth decay and tooth fairy as they gobble up the candies they gathered from trick or treating.

Others love to watch horror films while their boyfriend does not disagree, of course be wary he might be shrieking more than you do. TV shows that tell spooky stories about places and events are also in every channel. Are all of these stuff are giving you goosebumps? Would you not be much more happy if being spooky can also be funny? I chanced upon this website about The Gay Monsters - A colorfully flamboyant webcomic!

ala Adams family via Queerclick, which is a must see. The characters are so beautifully created you'll be hooked once you get to know them. And here they are;

Xander - In love with a living man but heartbroken, dreamer, modest, often pitiful, glum, romantic, thinker, gentle
Wylie - Xander's bestfriend, desirable, happily unattached, sexually outgoing, popular, sensual, egotistical

Francis - Manny's boyfriend, flamboyant, sociable, glitzy, selfish, showy, colorful, loud

Manny - Francis' boyfriend, totally in love, very jealous, insecure, suspicious, dedicated ang faithful

Presley - Bar's Karaoke host. He's always drunk. although he's the "scary-oke" host he's still a dreadful singer

Countless Dragula - The bar's featured drag queen, sriking, clever, brassy but tasteful, funny, wise

Jack The Stripper - Sexy go-go boy at the bar, youtful, full of dumb ideas, talkative, lively, dim-witted, addicted to porn

Hagitha - An adorable straight girlfriend to the gay monsters, fun, outgoing, loyal, free-spirited and trendy

(Note: All character description were taken from the original website)

Have a roll of laughter instead of goosebumps for this wonderful Halloween, while you watch this:


Lost in SPAIN

It's been almost 3 months now that I'm blogging and I haven't posted anything yet explaining on how in the world did I get here in DR. First of all, my mom was already married to a Dominican guy making her a legit citizen of this country located in the Caribbean seas. Then she thought of bringing me here to try my luck and get a job. Actually the post would not be about me securing a job here but about one of my memorable experience of traveling by plane.

It was nearly 3 years ago when I first boarded a plane and, as you may say, I had the bad case of jitters and the butterflies just keep on messing with the contents of my stomach even before I got to NAIA. I was overexcited I had sleepiness nights. Never had I shown this to my other siblings because I don't want them to think I'm chickening out. Hell!!!I'm going to travel alone and it'll be my very first so how should I feel. My travel route was Manila to Thailand, Thailand to Rome, Rome to Spain, then finally Spain to Dominican Republic. Oh yeah that was fucking 18 hours of flight. Good thing am a very patient traveler and a persistent gourmet eater.....heheheh Ive' eaten almost everything they've offered me in the plane. Am so bloated that I even had to do it there on the plane. Poor stewardess she had to put air-freshener. Yuccckkkk!!!

On the first two trips the travel was very uneventful. I've gotten my surprise when I was traversing Rome because it was so cold and freezing, I think that was the time when Pope John Paul II had died. I didn't have any coat with me just my Penshoppe long-sleeved shirt which surely had failed to make me warm. No wonder people were looking at me besides I was about to freeze to death, but I am the only one Asian left on that trip and that I am so puny compared to them. Imagine I am only as tall up to where their chest are, I was walking with a throng of giants. I was praying they would not step on me, heheheheh just kidding.

So finally we landed in Spain and boy how I was at awe when I looked around. Their airport is attached to a big Mall with boutiques that you don't see in ours and it has lots of walkalators going to different areas. The place is so big and these walkalators were like spaghettis finding your way is a big problem. In every airport there's a certain SOP that they're were applying and in Spain you have to give your passport as soon as you get out of the plane door. I have no working knowledge about Spanish so I did not understand what the customs police have told me. Upon handing them my passport I immediately followed the crowd getting off. I ended up inside the Mall, I am a window-shopper freak and since I still have enough time I've decided to stroll around for awhile. But when it's about an hour less to my supposed ETD I got so worried already because they haven't handed me my boarding pass yet. And I don't know where exactly I am going to get it. I panicked so much that I was going to and from just like in the slapsticks comedy and while there are signs that I can read, it was no help at all, still I'm 404. With the little Spanish that I knew I've pulled all my nerve to approach the information desk and explained my case in broken spanish and using my 2 handy dandy travel dictionary. Would you believe they were looking for me already? Heheheh! I'm like a fugitive that the whole Spanish customs administration were already going nuts and yet I was just strolling around cluelessly. I guess they've had heard about Filipinos going TNT, and I was not spared being branded like them. So in my broken Spanish I tried to explain to them what had happened alas they did not understand me well (So my 2 years Spanish subject too did not help). Good heavens they've finally found someone who can understand and speak English and the problem was solved. After some questioning the guy who turned out to be a supervisor accompanied and brought me to the place where I should have gone in the first place. They made me wait outside where one of the guards,

being as inquisitive as they are have asked from what country have I come from. He's so cute like an angel with a towering nose that I can't help but look at. I'm a sucker for Caucasians. When he learned that I came from the Philippines, after I told him that I was not a Korean nor a Taiwanese, he tried to say "Magandang Araw sa iyo" to which I was very surprised. I asked him how come he knows how to say that and he said he had a Filipina nurse girlfriend before and she taught him some. All of my hopes have gone to the drain when I heard that....well what do you know I can't help it. We've talked some more and finally when the customs head called me and gave me back my passport I got saddened. I had the feeling that Miguel and I might have connected other than just being friends but I needed to go and there's no way I can stay there any longer(you wish!!!). You could say I had a mixed feeling when I boarded the plane, a feeling of relief, a feeling of enjoyment and disappointment but to sum it all up, it was a memorable experience I had in a foreign land, to be lost in SPAIN. What about you have you ever been lost?

Salamat po! (Thank you!)

It's an honor to be enlisted on your blogroll, the roster that you have is definitely an A-list. I hope I can live up with the expectations but in the meanwhile I'd like to thank you with all my heart. It's the truth that when I stumbled upon Pinoy Gay Blogs
I have gained back the interest to write, I was a contributor back then to the defunct beefcake magazine Valentino in the Philippines using the same pseudonym. I thought my muse have left me forever and that I'm done being a writer. Guess I'm wrong because I finally found all of you who are now my inspiration. Thank you so much!

To the group, I wish all the best and more power. Mga kababayan, let's paint the whole wide world web in Pink and in time surely we'll be free. World Peace!!!


The power of thinking: preparedness

"I may not be able to relax enough today and feel fully at ease. I can sense that something big is coming down the path, but I cannot possibly know how to respond until I know exactly what it is. I won't push for a solution; clarity will return in time and I'll be able to take definitive action."


A glimpse of Dominican hotties

I thought of sharing you photos I got of some Dominicans taken from a parade they have here every February. Latino's look very different with each other some are white, some are brown skinned and some other that are almost black. If they can't differentiate a Filipino from other Asians (they only know Chinese), am also having a hard time in classifying them. Nonetheless it's still nice to look at them. It's true being in Dominican Republic is like being in a country full of UCB models.Whenever there's an opportunity I'll take some more pictures to share it with you. This time I'll try to make it a point to give you a closer look at them.


Rx: Weekly Prescription - Hunkalicious Babe-lium (Overdosage is allowed)

Ty for your pleasure

Just so you know:

Nick: Ty
Age: 37
Zodiac: Sagitarrius
Ethnicity: Jamaican and Chinese
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 6'2"

Ty is an African American model and aspiring actor with a mixed Jamaican and Chinese heritage, who paved the way for the up and coming models of colour. His unique appearance attributed to the uncanny mix of parents he had is so apparent in his exotic eyes that gained him the Ralph Lauren and Polo Sport modeling anchorage. Now he is known to be one of the highest-paid and richest African-American male supermodels in the world.

Like any other Bronx kids of his age he was involved in juvenile problems such as ganghood, drugs and theft. Luckily he was picked out of the basket by chance when he was 21 in a NY park, and that was the start of his modelling career.

His muscular physique have since been with him as he was into football and track teams when he was still in high school. All the girls and gays maybe drooling and going gaga with his semi-naked pics (truly beefcake sells!!!) all over the internet but his heart already belonged to Berniece, a UK-born entrepreneur and to his son in which he is very fond of.

Finding a picture of him not showing any degree of nudity is a painstaking search over the net ,

and only the pictures herein are what I can come up with. Just one thing, he is an African american and he lives in New York, you think the term DL is familiar to him? (heheheh! naughty me.......)


Sayonara Evviva Male

It's always saddening when you are just starting a friendship and you lose them right away. And you have no control of whatsoever to make them stay. In reality this melancholia is always present in life, whenever we are leaving school or work or a lover a feeling that's like a part of you have just been taken away, which we can do nothing but accept.

There's only the consolation that they're doing better or happy where they are now. Just like what I felt when Greg of Evviva left the Blogosphere.

Sayonara my friend!
You and you're wonderful blog will be forever missed.


When sex is not just S-E-X

"Short Bus"

You've just lost half of your gay life if you haven't seen this movie yet. I suggest that you and your beau go to the nearest video rental and grab a copy and watch it. While the movie got some banging from the critics for the sexual content, I guarantee you that it would not raise any horny goosebumps on the back of your head neither because the way it was relayed in the movie is a contradiction to the definition of pornography. The plot which Revolves around the lives of a sexually diverse group of emotionally challenged New Yorkers trying to connect with each other after the 9/11 tragedy. Actually there are more than 3 subplots that the movie contain, but in our interest I will be discussing more of the gay subplot here:

A soft-spoken James (Paul Dawson)

which is a former
male whore suggest to his boyfriend whose name is James (PJ DeBoy)

also that they should have an open relationship. Meaning they could have sex with another guy. They met a young ex-model and aspiring singer named Ceth (Jay Brannan)

and the three begin their menage-a-trois. Meanwhile unknowingly James and Jamie's life is stalked by their across-the-street neighbor Caleb(Peter Stickles).

He fears the inclusion of Ceth in James and Jamie's relationship might break them up and thus destroy his ability to live vicariously through them. One time he attended Shortbus and confronted Ceth.
And what goes on after this rendezvous is all for you to see. I'm not going to spoil your excitement, am I? Here's a sneak preview:


DR on my lens - Sandy White Beaches

Boca Chica Beach is less than hour ride from the capital city of Dominican Republic. Where the water is crystalline and the sands are white. It is the most crowded beach here. It has two islands, Los Pinos and La Matica, and two sea ports. Here's two version of the beach at day and night. It looks very romantic at night, I was wishing that me and my honey were sipping Cranberry with Vodka while looking at the sun setting when I took this picture.

Just like Boca Chica, Juan Dolio Beach is also a less than an hour ride from the city. As an answer to an ever increasing tourism, luxury villas and all-inclusive resorts were built in the area. Besides the nice beaches, there is a complete infrastructure here in which you can also find the Metro Country Club's Los Marlins Golf Course.

Sorry I was not able to take a front shot of that guy in the middle pic, but I tell you he's one handsome kid. Oooops do I sound like a perv there??? Anyways he was with his mom, so it's definitely a no-no.

The power of thinking: knowledge

"As I acquire more knowledge, things would not become more understandable but more mystifying."


A set of role models for the younger gay generation

You just couldn't imagine how we are so visible nowadays dominating every field of media from comics to television programs to the big white screens. Which is very good actually because we are seeing a lot of these role models making it big and recognized albeit their chosen lifestyles.

First in the list
is George Takei, who is best known for his Mr. Hikaru Sulu (helmsman of the starship U.S.S. enterprise) role in the quintessential series Star Trek. Now he has a recurring character in NBC's new series Heroes as Kaito (time traveler) Nakamura's father. An asteroid was also named in honor of him, the asteroid official name is 7307 Takei, and is located between Mars and Jupiter. It was in October 2005 when he finally outed himself in an issue of Frontiers magazine and has been in a committed relationship with his 18 years partner, Brad Altman. A member and a spokesman of Human Rights Campaign's Coming Out project he embarked on a nationwide speaking tour called the "Equality Trek" in which he talked about his life as a gay Japanese American.

Sir Ian McKellen is our second subject who played the famous character Gandalf in Lord of the Rings

and Magneto in X-Men.

He outed himself on a BBC's radio show year 1988 and lobbied off the Section 28 bill. He's still very active into forwarding our gay cause. He is is the co-founder of Stonewall and patron of LGBT History Month and GAY-GLOS.

Recently, our beloved franchise book and film "Harry Potter" have outed Albus Dumbledore.
J.K. Rowling answered a fan question about the characters true love with a shocking revelation ,"Dumbledore is gay."

And further explained that the mage was smitten with a rival with whom he defeated long ago in a battle of good and bad wizards. Now the character in the movie was played by two straight actors; Richard Harris and Michael Gambon. Would it be better if it is really played by one?

Rx: Weekly Prescription - Hunkalicious Babe-lium (Overdosage is allowed)

To Take shi-ning Armor from the Sleeping Dragon

Just so you know:
Nick: Jincheng
Age: 34
Zodiac: Libra
Ethnicity: Chinese and Japanese
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'11"

Born from a Chinese mother and a Japanese father and grew up in Taiwan, he was given a unique opportunity to be fluent in five different languages namely; Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Taiwanese and lastly English. He learned English when he was transferred to a Taiwanese American School because he was always being bullied from where he came from because he hails from a mixed race. A fate that is meant to be for him to become one big star in the greater part of Asia. He started his trek to stardom when he started making commercials and was launched as a pop star at a very young age of 15.

Traditionally pop Asian stars are being offered to act on films and he was not spared from that so he started with lighthearted comedies and eventually elevated to the more serious roles such as the one wherein he was a musician who fell in love with an HIV+ girl in the 1994 movie
Please Give Me More Time.

Takeshi was also internationally known from modeling for designer label Prada.

As you can see from the set of pictures I posted here Chinese timidity is so apparent that he never had any picture

showing his nakedness.

Thanks for Christian of Queer Culture Clash for the info he supplied.