In just one smile, Mid-half

So we walked from StarMall to this motel right across and entered it without much of a fuss, I guess the people there are used to having customer just like us and was not bothered by it. Actually they're courteous and friendly in the reception.

The room was very cozy indeed with a soft and round orange vinyl bed. On the ceiling was a mirror perfect to see yourself while doing it. The shower room was a plus because it is decorated transparent glass wherein you can see through it while your would-be partner is showering. Then there’s also an adjustable love-chair where you can do every imaginable sexual position with instructions on how exactly to do each (I definitely want to go back to that place, and you know what? I did for so many times already but with other guys). Oh so sexy!!! Over the wall is a boob tube wherein they play cable and porn, well just to incite him more you know. I hope someday they will play our kind of porn in them, so it will be a two way street, and not just for the straights.

Upon entering he started groping my body and rubbing himself to me. And what he said to me was not a lie, he really had this monstrous sized love pole inside his jeans. Other guys are so egotistic saying they're big but once you get in private with them they turn apologetic with what they have between their legs. But this guy was definitely a catch and I can't help but drool and got excited too much that I want to take it out and worship it at once. But he stopped me and told me he want to undress me first, that he intends to keep his promise of giving me pleasure. This guy totally amazed me, he's very unlike the other pick-up boys that usually want to get to do it directly and get paid. He kept kissing me while pinching my nipples alternately kissing my neck and nibbling on my earlobes. He said he was going to make love with me just like he was doing it with his girlfriend,

"Why, you're so soft just like my girl, and I like that," he mumbled to me.

I did not answer back because at that time I think am already orgasmic and went pass 7th heaven already. He took off his white shirt, while he was playing with my chest. So he's not a face-value only, he's a bit chubby but he has big biceps and chest which is just enough to cuddle for. He asked me to sat down with him on the edge of the bed and on his lap while he continued on giving me pleasure with his tongue and mouth.

I kissed him with same fervor and got a bit naughty I shoved him and made him lie down the bed. I started feeling his bulge underneath his pants and said to him:

"You're such a good-kisser; let me show you what I can do for you." And proceeded to unzip his pants without hands, after that I kissed him on the edges of his underwear and on his navel while alternately blowing hot breath on his bulge.

"Oh that's so hot, keep doing that!" he said while he was tousling my hair and caressing my neck. I continued nibbling on his thickening pole while inside his briefs and suck on that wet spot. He's already drooling with pre-cum, he tasted so sweet and the natural smell was heavenly. The head of his cock was already peeping out of his waist band, it looks inviting like a red apple so shinny and reddish you would want to take a bite. Of course I did not take a bite, but instead I showered it with lots of lick and nibble, tasting him more and more. Until I can no longer wait and pulled his undies down on his knees and took hold of his pole. It was so pinkish and virginal-looking that you would want to suck it and leave it in your mouth just like a baby's pacifier.

"I got yours now. It's so pinkish and felt warm in my hand. You sure you don't want to fuck me in the ass with it", I asked him while stroking him his hard-on.

"Just I have told you, I never had that kind of sex 'coz I think it's

"Well, I'll make it squeaky clean that you'll never know the difference from a girl's pussy"

"Oh yeah???"

"Got no complaint from my boyfriend when he fucks me"

He was silent and maybe was contemplating if he'll give in to the idea of fucking me in the ass.

"This would be my first time, you sure nothing will come out of there, you know that kind of stuff?"

"Believe me, it'll be so clean and smell of soap when I am done. And just so you know, I am confident about it that I would suck you off after you put that cock in me. You'll enjoy fucking me, it'll be like fucking a girl"

"Okay then let's try using that love chair over there, I'll do it but before you go and clean yourself, can you suck me first? Please, I want to
feel that small mouth of yours engulfing me."

Who am I to say no to this demi-god in front of me? It is such a beautiful sight to see him all spread-eagled while I am holding his on both hands. I decided to give him the best blow job he can ever have in his life, and since he deserves it I showed him every style of giving it that I knew. So did he enjoy it?Well, does his numerous "ooooohh's" and "aaaaahh's" count as an answer?

So there you have it, I decided to spill the beans and not keep you wanting to know the answer to the question in the first part. Yes he did agree to do it with me, although he had some hesitation at first, I was able to get him excited and trust me. I hope you learned something from my story, now the 100 $ question only is, would he enjoy it? Third part, coming up next.


Rx: Weekly Prescription - Hunkalicious Babe-lium (Overdosage is allowed)

On Chan-ging the World

Just so you know:

Nick: Chan
Age: 27
Zodiac: Taurus
Ethnicity: Native American, Irish and French
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 6'1"

Chan grew being exposed to different sports such as Track and Field, Baseball, Soccer and to what he likes the most; Football.

And because of this he had a full athletic college scholarship grant in Glenville State West Virginia. But for a reason not found in any of his short biographies over the internet, he discontinued his studies and went on working for several odd jobs, a particular interest here is his being in the construction,

well, that shows he had that such a nice body, trimmed but not overtly muscular.

Then he invaded the modelling world and got stints from famous clothing lines such as A&F, Nautica, Gap, Aeropostale, Emporio Armani and many others. With the looks he got, he was soon making the rounds to media and exposed in a variety of TV commercial ads. Edging slowly on his way to Hollywood, first as extra then eventually made it big when he had the movie Step Up, now with a sequel "Step Up 2: The Streets". It was said that during its filming he talked to almost everyone in the set including eating with them. Hmmmmm! Very unlike to the celebrities that we have nowadays who are mostly airheads, if you know what I mean? And also during the shooting he insisted on doing dangerous dance tricks like the car back flip, and was not afraid to hurt himself.

He had this interest in exploring life and finds art within it. Expressed his love of writing and acting and all the things that made sense to him. And that it would really matter to him and not lose the chance to see the whole world, and all the things out there.

He's definitely serious with his career and atune with this interest, explored a different character in the film "A guide to Recognizing Your Saints" which is a coming-of-age drama about a boy growing up in Astoria, N.Y. to a critically acclaimed writer at present. He played the role of young Antonio, one of the friends the protagonist had which is BTW, the director and the writer too, Dito Montiel but played by Robert Downey Jr. in the film.

But even with all these fuzz about the show-business he takes time to spend his summer back in Alabama to be with his old folks. Geez am falling for him!

Thanks to CTU for the pictures and beautiful write-ups about this uber handsome guy and if you can't get enough of him just click the acronym above.


Sumthin' 4 PLU

Joining forces side by side MBM and Evviva Male, I'll be opening a section here in B^2(read as B-squared) for appreciating male beauty coming from different fields such as movies (mainstream and porn flicks), sports, modeling, et cetera and also of different ages and races. Besides the colored photos (as differentiated on the mid-section BW photos), a write-up will also be included and aptly entitled as:



(Overdosage is allowed.)

Guys that will be featured will have the following qualities; (1)energetic, (2)good looks, (3)charm, (4) wit, (5) sensuousness, (6)gallantry, (7)sweetness, and last but not the least (8) a potential lover or somebody loved by PLU. And rated with the following chart:

Please e-mail me for your suggestions and/or candidates and they will be more than welcome.


Israel does not love Ivri too!!!

Ivri Lider was set to perform in a show for the 10,000 Israel troops yet on the last minute he was excluded from it. Only because he declined signing a letter with a very confusing message which he vehemently rejects. The powers that be with their ever clingy and venomous tentacles had made sure he won't be on the show. This was after Ivri have been patriotic by serving as a goodwill ambassador of Israel to the U.S. and serve short-term service in the military. How ironic is that???

Lately there are a lot of gay artist from the Middle East such as Jonathan Gatro, Azis and many others have surfaced and highly visible in the media. Which could mean that even the religious taboos are no longer keeping us from being what we are.

+ Jesse does not love Ivri

Potato Queen

With the advent of the internet technology, one can no longer feel alone and different in this world. This is what I felt when I chance upon this set of videos describing what I am really wanting in my life.

Video 1

Video 2

It took out the words from my mind, freaky yet very true. A lot of Asian gays have been curtailed by this barrier, posed by the video, being on the bottom of sexual hierarchy (in lay terms, sexually unattractive). GAYS were shouting for equality and yet within our community we are also exercising a different kind of discrimination.

I had my share of futile attempts to change my appearance, from using colored contact lenses to even dying my hair to blonde, as a Caucasian wannabe. None of them have made me contented. I am still wanting more and that is now expressed thru' having Caucasian boyfriends.

And eventhough I stopped trying to morph myself and decided to go back to my old looks I am still a mutt. I wonder why even in my own country they think I am a foreigner. One time I was in a long line of people getting visas from the Australian embassy in the Philippines when an old lady approached me, and tapped my back;

"Hello! Do you speak "Tagalog"?

Opo lola! (Yes grandma!)

Ay ganun? Akala ko foreigner ka, mukha ka kasing taga-ibang bansa. (Really? I thought you are foreigner, you look like from another country)

Naku lola Pilipinong-pilipino po ako! (Grandma I am a pure Filipino!)

My fascination of what you call, "poster looks" still haunts me up to this day and until we are plagued with this pseudo-thinking of what is beautiful we can never be free. Would you believe it, I even swore that before I die I will have the looks I dream of.


In just one smile, Intro

I guess am one of the few that you can say lucky when it comes to meeting guys. I don't know but I am not bragging here. It's the truth I swear, never did I had any bad encounters with them (most specifically, guys that you pay to have sex). So the hala-dap or holdap were very foreign to me, because they have never happened to me at all. Oftentimes I get them for free, would you believe that? I cannot say I look that hot, but most of the guys I bedded with tell me I got this magnetic aura that draws them to me. Okay, enough about me, let's go on with the story.......

I just graduated from AdU when I tried to look for a job, my search ended at Mandaluyong. And during that time I was living in Paranaque, the travelling distance did not really bother me since this will be my first job. Luckily I got the job after the interview, I was so ecstatic with the outcome that I decided to while my time and celebrate so I headed to Star Mall which was then called Manuela, located in front of Shangri-la. I've heard so much about this place already so the going-ons were nothing new to me. They said that things happen here just like in Grand Central, Cinerama and Megamall. While I was strolling, I saw this late-teens guy from across, he's tall, shaved head with Caucasian-like features. Actually his looks is a cross between Jay Manalo and Cezar Montano.

Am so mesmerized with his looks that I said to myself, "Oh, my he's so big and gorgeous!" and then chuckled unknowingly. Little did I know that he was looking at me too.( I guess that's why he's in there, looking for a would-be patron.) Anyway he smiled at me which made me very conscious and made me wonder if I knew this guy from somewhere. I got scared, so my two frightened feet got the most of me so tried to lose this guy. I strolled around some more and see if he will follow me, which is actually my Modus Operandi, to see if indeed he's into this sort of stuff. Am right. He was already behind me when I looked back then waved hello and asked me to stop for awhile. Although I had butterflies in my stomach, my libido won this time so I stopped. I think this was his cue as he started to make a conversation with me and said;



"I saw you smiling at me, may I know why?"

"Well, just thinking that you're so BIG (my height if compared to him, isonly up to his chest. I am 5'4" so he must be around 6'2".) but CUTE"

"Tell me, what's with me being BIG, is that a problem?"

"Ah no, not really."

"So what are you doing here?"

"Well, I just passed by and you know? Windowshopping???"

"Is that all?"

"Oh yeah! And then I saw you, you smiled and I thought I knew you from somewhere else."

"Hmmmmmm!Wanna do something you like?"

"Well!!!I've got not much money here(those were my exact words pretty direct, huh? well that will save you lotsa trouble), I think I only had Php 700"

"That's okay, we can go to a nearby Motel, just walking distance from here, and they charge 300 for a quickie. I think 400 will be enough for me."

"Really, would that be enough??? Lemme think, oh I don't know I still think you're big, am afraid to go with you"

"Trust me, I am not gonna hurt you. Except that you must know its not only my height that is big, I am also like that down there! I know you're gonna enjoy me. But just one thing, I don't do anal stuff, okay???"

Still I am hesitant then, but the way he sweet talked me into going with him and promised that he will be gentle with me. Wow he's so considerate and very charming because he even offered to bring me where I can take a bus going back to Paranaque. How can I say no? Hehehehhe! Don't you think this is the best way to celebrate? After that being settled, off we went to this Motel in front of Edsa Central. Hmmmm I don't remember the name, can anybody help me with this one???

Did we do something more other than suck and pop thank-you's?Read the second part as it will be a sizzling-hot blow by blow(???) account of what happened inside the motel.


Stripping in the buff, the Latino style Part 1

Kai from Low, Highs and Alibis have asked me how is the gay life here in Dominican Republic and I've decided to share the answer with you. And what better way to do that by giving you a glimpse by sharing some videos to capture the gay life.

I shared this with my beau, and he immediately agreed with me. We have lots of wrong notions about the Latino men, maybe because of the gay media hype being thrown to it. But I leave you my dear Asian friends to cipher the truth behind it. As the saying goes, "to see is to believe", I leave you now and see with your own eyes and believe.......

Video 1

Video 2


Being on the DL with your Best Pal

Don't you just wish that seducing a straight guy was this easy. You won't be having any anxieties doing it with your cute and loveable "bestfriend".

Wow! Talk about reminiscing my first crush when I was a freshmen in Paranaque Municipal High School, he's name is Christopher Clyde Tula. He had a Muslim blood, geez sounds scary right? I can still remember his high rise nose and those expressive eyes, its melting the very depths of me. Plus, we always talk almost every topic we can think of, including him falling in love with a girl 4 years older than him. So whenever he talks about her, am crushed like a pulp deep within. Poor me, I never really made a move on him and if I only I had the guts to tell that I like him so much (which is very unlike me today) and that I wanted to be more than just bestfriends, maybe I could have outed myself sooner. And fate did not really gave us a chance because after that year he went back to Zamboanga to be with his family.

Hmmmm I wonder if he could read this post.........


Levi's on "breaking out-of-usual"

No doubt that the world is starting to feel the need to acknowledge our presence in the society. And proof of this is a strung of gay-oriented commercial, as subtle they may be it's still a step to our liberation.

One big company such as Levi's dared to promote their products with these amazing yet cute commercial advertisement. A provocative model is the center of these ad, seems like he's a Caucasian descent. He sports such a sexy goatee provoking me to google him.

Can't imagine what could be happening if I was the one in that telephone booth and picking him for a ONS?