Have you been robbed before?

It was in the morning after I finished my graveyard shift when I discovered that the place where I lived was ransacked. Everything were thrown everywhere. Yes, my place was been robbed, unluckily. Hu! hu! hu!

This is what I get living alone in a foreign land. Maybe the neighborhood is not that safe but what can I do? While on the other side of the city, they rob you too with the skyrocketing rent fees for their apartments. Hell yeah, what's the bloody difference?

You know what the funny thing is I've been living in this apartment for almost 3 years now when they finally decided to add more security. They've put an iron gate exactly in front of my apartment door. I overdid it and got more paranoid and said to myself maybe these was not enough and decided to add a padlock. It takes time for me to open the whole shit but for the reason I wanted my things to be safe I never minded. It never entered my fucking mind they could get on the balcony door. Who could have known that here in DR the robbers are more like spider men and do acrobatic stunts? My place is on the third floor, do the physics. Well, I learned my lesson the hard and costly way. Never to trust the impossible.

With the help of some friends we reported the incident to a seemingly disinterested and incompetent policeman on duty that time. The way he responded made me think otherwise, our report was useless. The only most logical thing to do now is to wander what I have lost and how I can buy a replacement in the next following months. Don't get me all wrong here I am not a materialistic person but one of the things they stole that night is a basic need to thrive here;

It's true you can't live without it in this electric-power forsaken country because of the massive and multiple blackouts they have almost everyday or every night. We're actually making the stockholders for PI manufacturing companies get richer and richer every second of this BS 'apagones'.


We don't know how we could quit you, Heath!

I got shocked when I opened My Yahoo when I came to work and received the news of the death of Heath Ledger. His role of Ennis del Mar in the cowboy love story 'Brokeback Mountain' made so much impact in me that I have watched the film from the beginning to the end 15 times. I even bought the original CD to add it to my collection. It was worth it.

Who could forget that scene where he was swearing in front of their clothes and the Brokeback Mountain postcard? The scene was so cinematic and full of meaning and probably touched every gay man's heart.

He's an upcoming actor worthy of my admiration that I began to scour his films to see more of him. When I learned that he would be playing the Joker in the next sequel of 'Batman Returns' I got so excited and intended to watch it the first day of showing. Expecting the said playdate but only now whe
n his death was announced that the word have slipped out, the movie will be shown this coming June. Sadly he won't be joining his co-stars in promoting the film. I wish they will still go ahead with it, after all he might be wanting this too.

Heath take our love and devotion with you in heaven! REST IN PEACE! You will be forever be remembered. We all never going to quit loving you!!!


The power of thinking: control

"I'll have a good sense of action and reaction, a sensible time to take control of my life. But I will not push too hard because I'll probably reach my goals faster by easing off the gas pedal so not to have to hit the brakes."


DR on my lens - Los Tres Ojos

"Los Tres Ojos" is one of DR's tourist attraction situated midway going to Las Americas from Santo Domingo. The first lake "Ojos del Diablo" was discovered during the 1916, it is a subterranean river filled with sulfurous water having a depth of 20 feet. The second lake which is called "La Nevera" (spanish term for refrigerator) has a temperature that drops to 15 degrees centigrade. The third and the smallest lake is "Lago de las Damas" which is warm and shallow. "Los Saramagullones" is the fourth lake with a depth of 300 meters and was named after a specie of ducks that inhabit it.

These lakes with water coming from a subterranean river "Brujuelas" are unique and picturesque enough to draw tourist and locals alike.


Brief update

Diesel keeps the passion flowing

This section that I will be opening up will be featuring new lines of male undergarments from all over the world and from different brands. So in this virgin post I'd like to start with the a very famous brand Diesel. Feast your eyes on the eye candies wearing them.

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