The power of thinking: control

"I'll keep in mind that my impatience with others might be a result of my own frustration. Expressing what's in my heart will probably feel great in the moment, but could disrupt my routine. I have to decide in advance if it'll be worth it."

Yes Levi Can

As much as I wanted to go and see Levi Kreis in flesh romancing the tunes to my heart's delight. There are some good things that you can't simply have. Sad! sad! sad!

No, I don't want my frustrations spoil the party, if you have the means to see him he'll be strutting his stuff in these following gigs:

Friday, May 2nd, 9pm @ Room 5:
Tuesday, May 6th, 8pm @ Genghis Cohen: Writers Circle w/ Chantelle Barry & Wendy Piatt.
Friday, May 16th, 11pm @ Molly Malones: Live taping of
"Where I Belong: Live" including songs from Levi's coming CD "Where I Belong" Come be a part of our very first DVD!

Enjoy his heart-wrenching music and good looks as you can see in this picture. Wowwowoweee! Am drooling......

Thanks Matthew Fouste for the newsletter and also of letting me know updates about him!


Sonic on his way

It's been three long hard weeks of waiting finally the day when I'll pick up Sonic, my pet chihuahua, had arrived. I know he suffered so much because he wasn't with me although he is properly taken care of by my mom and my "padrasto." I made it a point to call him everynight and over the phone I can hear him sing and talk unintelligibly. I did this because I fear he might not recognize me anymore.

And everytime he does that i just go weak in the knees. How could such a little creature could be so much intelligent and loveable yet hated by some people? So little time but he was able to capture their hearts just like the first time I laid my eyes on him and hug him. 

He is the perfect pet for me.


The power of thinking: work quality

"I should stop doing so much 'on the go' -- multi-tasking is only helping me accomplish a lot of things. It's not helping me accomplish them well. Quality is much more important than quantity right now."